Calynda is a cloud-based smart calendar app, currently in beta.

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Introducing Calynda: The World's Most Useful Calendar App

  • free forever for personal use
  • customizable to suit your life or business

Calynda was created with one goal in mind: we wanted to create the world's most useful time management app. Google Calendar and iCal are... okay ... but we felt there were many use cases that they weren't well suited for.

So we set out to create "a really good" time management and calendar app that could be customized by individual users to be well suited to many different use cases and would be free to personal users forever.

For Everybody, And Yet Just For You

Calynda was designed to be customizable. We wanted to build an app that was for everybody and yet feels to each user as if it was built just for them.

What Can You Do With It?

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