Time Management: Why Do It And How To Do It

Managing your time well can result in greater life satisfaction and a reduction in general stress, so it’s definitely worth trying to attain. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying, “There’s not enough time in the day”, it could be an indicator that better time management might be something worth focussing on.

Poor time management can affect not only your life but the lives of those around you. Your spouse can feel neglected, or, if you don’t have a spouse, you may feel like you don’t have time for a relationship.

Effective time management is intended to achieve balance in your life. Benjamin Franklin, the first president of the United States said, “A day should be one third work, one third play and one third rest.” The question is: are you guilty of neglecting one of those thirds. Possibly two.

Time Is A Resource

Time, like money, is a resource. It can be exchanged for other things. Have you ever noticed we use the word ‘spend’ in conjunction with both time and money? We spend money on food, rent, clothes, holidays, recreation etc. We spend time on relationships, education, exercise.

The important thing to note is that there are certain things in life that can ONLY be improved by spending time on them. No amount of money can do it. This means relationships, education and exercise cannot be delegated.

The second thing to note is that unlike money, you can never get time back. So it’s extremely important to spend time wisely and not waste it.

Figure Out Your Goals

How you spend your time will be guided by what your goals are. So first, you have to figure that out. What do you want? What would your ideal day look like? This is a very difficult question to give a complete answer to, but do try to get as close as you can. Some things will be immediately obvious to you while others may take some really deep thinking. Do not underestimate the importance of working on your answer to this question. How well you answer this question will impact your general level of life satisfaction.

Prioritise Things You Consider Important

If something is important to you on a daily basis, make time for it. That means doing it every day or once a week becomes non-negotiable. There will be some things you’ll want to do every day. There’ll be other things where once a month will be enough.

Prioritise Things That Are Just Part of Life

There are also things that need to be done. That there’s no avoiding. And neglecting to do these things will eventually result in a visit from a branch of the government. That could be HMRC (if you don’t do your tax return) to environmental health (if you don’t have frequent showers). It’s equally important to make time for these tasks too.


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