How To Create A New Memento

All entires to your Calynda account are known as Mementos.

You can create mementos for a number of different reasons including to remember something happening at a particular time in the future, or to record something that happened today for reference in the future.

On this page, you will learn how to create a new Memento. We assume you have already registered a Calynda account and are starting from your account dashboard.

Click or Tap ‘New Memento’

At the bottom of your screen, click or tap the ‘New Memento’ tab.

This will bring up the ‘Create New Memento’ Screen.

Enter Basic Information

First, select the reason for creating the memento by using the first drop down. What do you want to remember?

Second, name the memento.

Third, enter the date it’s happening.

Memento type, name and date are compulsory fields. This means that Calynda will not let you create a memento unless you provide this information as a minimum.

Save or Add Details

Now, you have a couple of options. If you don’t want to add any more details, you can just tap ‘save’ and Calynda will create the memento for you.

Alternatively, you can tap ‘add more details’ and elaborate a little on what you’ve already entered.

If you choose to add more details, you’ll be able to enter start and finish times, and additional free text details, as well as who, if anybody, you’d like to share the memento with. To share a memento with somebody, they must also be a Calynda user.

Depending on the purpose of your memento, you may also be able to enter additional event specific details.